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08/16/2011 - The Virtual Music Shop is open at last

As most of you may already know, I have been working for years doing a Virtual Music Shop where you can download all the music I have from Tom Keenan.

For a while, since Tom left us, it was not easy for me to work on that project, but finally I decided I had to finish it to keep Tom's memory alive and I have been working hard on that site lately.

Still I need to add to that shop hundreds of recordings I have in my archives, but at least the shop is already open.

You can visit it in: www.tom-keenan.com/shop


Please welcome Burto, our newest member.

The only music shop specialized in Tom Keenan's music:
Virtual Music Shop
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Tom Keenan's Internet Fans Club. - The best country music in the world

This site has been done by a few Tom's fans so we can always be in touch with each other, find out if the weather is going to be good in Tenerife before we go there, etc.

If you are planning to go to Tenerife in a few months time, check out this site before you go, to see if Tom's musicians are still playing at the same place or if they have moved somewhere else and to see the next 7 days weather forecast for South Tenerife.

This page you are reading just now is the page for the latest news about Tom and our Fans Club. Usually it will be the first page to open every time you come here to visit us and you will find always the latest news at the top of the page and the older news at the bottom.

So if you visit us very often, you will only need to take a look at the top of this page to see if there is anything new, but if it's the first time you come here (or if you haven't been here for a few days or if you want to open "The Player" to hear some good music) we would suggest that you should scroll down the page to read other news.

As you can see, all the news are signed by the person who wrote it. If you send us a collaboration to be published here, please put your name and the date on it so everybody can see whose opinion is it and when was it written.

As this site is visited from all over the world and every country has a diferent format to write the date, we think it will be better if we explain here what format we're using for the dates in this site so you can understand them better.

Every time we write any news, to put the date we write first the month, then the day and then the year. If in your country you usually do it like that, you will think that this is obvious, but it's not, because there are a lot of countries where they usually write the day first and other countries where they write the year first.

So, for example, if you see that something is dated 03/02/2007 it means that it was written on the second of March, NOT on the third of February.

01/29/2008 - IN MEMORIAL

As most of you may already know, last night Tom left us forever.

I'm going to continue anyway with this site, but I'm going to change it to a place where all of us can remember the greatest singer in Country Music.

I can't say anything else just now. I don't really feel like talking about it, so it will take me a few days to start making these changes though.



03/19/2007 - The program to upload photos is ready

As you can see, there is a new button on the site that says "Photos". That button will take you to Tom Keenan's Photo Gallery where you can upload all your photos and you can see all the photos other Tom's fans had uploaded.

I had started already to upload the photos I've got. All the photos that everybody has been sending me since I started this site last August, plus the photos that I've got in my private collection. But they are so many that this will take me some time, so you don't need to wait until I finish, you can start uploading your own photographs now if you want.

Of course the first thing you need to do to upload photos is register yourself in the site. Only real Tom's fans can upload photos.

Once you are register, go to the Photo Gallery and press the button that says "Create / order my albums", to create your own gallery. Inside your gallery you can create as many albums as you want and you can sort them the way you like.


Before you upload a photo check its size first.

The maximum size allowed by the program is 2048 Kb (that is 2 Mb)

Also the width and the height of the photo need to be less than 2048 pixels.

If your photo is bigger than that you need to make it smaller or you will get an error.

If you don't know how to make a photo smaller send me it by email and I will do it for you.

(Or ask your grandson. He knows) (only joking...)

When you have created at least one album you can start putting photos inside it. To do it press the button that says "UPLOAD FILE" and follow the instructions. The program will ask you where (inside your computer) is the photo, inside what album you want to upload it, what name you want for the photo, etc. Just answer the questions until it's finish.

If you make a mistake it's no problem, because you have a few more buttons:

  • Like the one that says "Sort my pictures", to change the order of your photos inside one album.
  • The one that says "Modify my albums", to change the order of your albums inside your gallery.
  • The one that says "MY GALLERY", to change the name and/or the description of your albums ("PROPERTIES") and to change the name and/or the description of your photos ("EDIT FILES").
  • Etc.

Apart from uploading a photo to your own albums you have another option. As you can see I have made 2 different categories: One called "Photos Sorted by Bar and Date" and another one called "User galleries". Inside the first category you cannot create an album (I will do that myself) but you can upload photos to the albums I've created there if you want.

Anyway, as always, if there is something you donīt understand or if you get a problem trying to upload a photo, go to the forum and post a question or just send me the photo by email and I will upload it.


03/15/2007 - Tom Keenan's Internet Fans Club Forum is working again

I've managed to open back the forum again, so you can start talking if you so wish.

I've moved the complete database from the old site, so if you were already registered you don't need to do it again. Just use the same username and password you had.

I'll continue with the rest of the site when I have some spare time.


03/14/2007 - Tom Keenan's Internet Fans Club is starting

As you can see, I'm using all the designs I did for the old page, so I suppose it won't take me too long to finish this site.

I will work as fast as I can.


Want to hear some good music?

I haven't got here with me just now any of the recordings I did when I was playing with Tom, but Gerry has sent me a song ("Only You") that she recorded on the 24th of December 2003.

We were playing at the Lizard Bar and it was just Tom and me. Tom playing the guitar and singing while I was playing the keyboards and controlling the machines (computers, mixer, drum machines, etc).

As you can understand, it was recorded live with a small machine just from one of the tables, so you can't expect digital quality here. Anyway, the sound is not bad and it brings very good memories to me.

If you want to hear it just:

I've set the player to open in a different page so you can minimize it if you want and then you would be able to continue reading other pages in this site while the song is still playing.


02/27/2007 - Before The Next Teardrop Falls

Gerry has just sent me another 2 songs recorded the same day, 24-12-2003.

In one of them I am singing the spanish part!!

I even got a photo of myself singing that day!!!

Oh dear! ... Oh dear!! ... Oh bloody dear!!!

Of course, I've added them to the Player.


Xmas 2003

The server needs to be paid

Some people asked me if I was getting paid for the work I am doing in this page and the answer is no, I'm doing it in my spare time just because I enjoy it. I love Country music and specially Tom's music and I've always thought he deserve to be in the web.

This is not the only thing I do for free. Apart from doing this page I also colaborate with a few internet communities developing what we call "free software" (we also call it "open source" or software with "copyleft" instead of copyright). If you can't understand why somebody do this kind of things for free, it would be too long to explain it here, so you should search the web to learn more about these kind of communities. A lot of people are talking about them all over the web.

By the way, I have as well a "copyleft" forum called Foro de Snoopy Trankos Virtual Studio Seguridad where there are a lot of spanish and english friends who enjoy sorting computer problems for free, so if you have a bug in your computer, just go to my forum and post a question. You will get it sorted for free in no time at all.

What I've done, so we can all contribute to share the expenses of keeping this page up and running, is to open an account with PayPal for that and I've put links to that account at the bottom of every page. That's what we always do to keep our "free software" communities open and I thought it was a good idea to do it here too.

In the rest of the sites, we decide every year what to do with the extra money (if there is any left after paying the expenses) and usually we send it to a good cause. In this site, I will tell you next August (when the next bill is due) how much is the balance and we will decide in the forum what to do with it if there is any left or how are we going to manage to pay it if there is not enough.

Thanks again and KEEP IT COUNTRY ! !


The only music shop specialized in Tom Keenan's music:
Virtual Music Shop
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